Welcome to the all new ColorAcademy!

Many of our previous visitors have signed up over the past year for access to a preview of the new ColorAcademy system. The new system is now online with a brand new interface, allowing more efficient and intuitive navigation and exciting new content including a vast archive of information on artists, their palettes and colour mixing throughout history!

For those new to ColorAcademy, a brief introduction:
ColorAcademy is a truly unique resource of ideas and information about colour. Compiled by a number of prominent art experts, our encyclopedia can provide the required colour information for any visitor be they a primary school student or an architect.

In addition to the ColorAcademy system itself, there is also this website which contains a number of interesting and useful features including the latest in colour information and news, links to a number of publications and the ColorAcademy forums - the perfect place to discuss your colour ideas!